About LIVEN Pharmaceuticals

India, with its rich and abundant natural resources, has been a major supplier of raw materials for the manufacture of herbal medicines, dietary supplements, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic intermediates. LIVEN was set up with the vision that India will not only become the world's major supplier of Plant extracts but also a world-class producer of clean, hygienic and high quality products.

LIVEN pharmaceuticals is the leading manufacturer & supplier of traditional and new generational API and standardized herbal extracts to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry worldwide.

Our team of staff scientists integrates cutting edge technology with traditional botanical therapeutics to provide the healthcare market with products that stand apart from the competition. Our mission is to pioneer and develop pharmaceutical and natural products that are safe, effective, and extremely fast-acting.

LIVEN supplies customers worldwide with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), standardized herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, speciality chemicals & minerals, phytochemicals, cosmeceuticals, vitamins, Natural colours and natural essential oil.

We guarantee customer satisfaction as we deliver our products and services in a fast, efficient and timely manner.




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